Is It A New Beginning

Or Just More Media Crap?


Morris Heldt

January 18, 2002

Have you noticed there is not a day goes by that Entertainment Tonight, or many other such shows, donít show the wealthy and famous having, and doing, whatever they would like. We are bombarded with a glutinous and seemingly unaccountable way these highly paid people live their lives. Nothing is more evident of this than the entertainment industry.  It seems every media  news network has a "Hollywood Gossip" reporter telling us that the stars are getting richer. As I understand it, entertainers are now being given huge gift packages, sometimes valued at more than $25,000 to just show up at the many award shows. In addition, some of these celebrities, especially the limousine liberals, are repeatedly given a platform to moralize their views on how people should govern their lives. When these people, for their own sake of publicity, and/or corporate sponsor, criticize our government for mistreating our enemy, using their standard line, "this is not Americaís way," I want to vomit. In most cases it is these same hypocrites that have used the American people to fill their own pocketsómaking fun of other cultures, ridiculing other governments and graphically exploiting society by desensitizing the violence of manís cruelty toward himself.  An interesting oxymoron wouldn't you say?

And, what happened to our country being united after the September 11, 2001 attack? The pretense of a moratorium on partisan politics seems to be over in Washington.  Our politicians still answer to big business, and not their true constituents.  With that said, the news media is left to interpret and report.  Of course, the umbrella of concealment is always open with the rhetoric of  how our politicians are protecting our personal interest, and freedom of democracy. 

So, where are the newsmen that report the news without their personal spin?  Where is a newspaper, television, or radio network that doesnít have its own political slantóregardless if itís right, or left, of your personal political persuasion?

I realize that since the beginning of time there has been groups with their own agenda, politicizing every event to their advantage. There has always been nepotism and chosen people that would be catapulted into success despite their talent, behavior, and/or belief in their country. What saddens me is I can honestly remember a time when I didnít know the political affiliation of the person telling me a news story. I also had parents who told me that hard work, honesty and simply doing the right thing wins out in the end. They used World War II as an example and the fact that right and decency prevailed.

Now I am being told that we are in a new beginning. We should begin to make adjustments in our thinking. Well, here is my thinking: If life was like a golf course, I, like most baby boomers, am on the back nine. To say I find myself in a sand trap is not misstating my feelings. I agree that the horrific scenes on television of terrorism on foreign soil have now become Americaís reality. And, I personally feel  that we should punish the people that perpetrate such a heinous and unfeeling crime on innocent people. If they steal our flag, we should cut off their arm. A message and lesson I feel will be remembered. 

With our lives becoming more complicated by the hour, and our innocent behavior becoming a causality, how do we survive to find my generationís belief that euphoria is just out of sight. I come from a generation that was told, and then believed, that you should, and could, walk through your valley of despair and then climb your mountain to find your own security and serenity. With the experience of the 60s, and the Viet Nam War, followed by Watergate, it has been okay to complain about our individual plights in life. However, society, along with our parentsí generation, told us that our dream was still there for us; just work hard, learn your craft, and you will be rewarded. Unfortunately, I have known for a long time that talent and professionalism are not the overriding characteristics for success any longer.  The tools used for the past twenty-five years to obtain security and respectability were simply,  perseverance, accompanied with a lot of tenacity. If one could develop those two attributes one could obtain their mountain top view. Now, just when I started to convince myself that formula does indeed work, I am not so sure it does any longer.

The world has become smaller and it is no longer just the American Dream that we are told to strive for. It is now a Universal Dream. Financial security and an appreciation for an ideology, which supports division by class. Through the rapid and growing technology of the world media, we (as a world people) are led to believe anything short of these goals constitutes failure. Maybe we, just plain Joe and Mary Citizen, need to develop a new formula for success and not accept what is now societyís standard.

In my opinion, since September 11, 2001, perseverance and tenacity no longer are the keys to opening the doors leading to your dreams.  However, as a hopeless "dreamer" there is always, fate. I believe that some people will have their dreams come true through this action. These people are destined, in my belief, and regardless what they do will live out their destiny.

But, what is the alternative for the ordinary world citizen? Perhaps instead of using perseverance and tenacity to impress an individual, or company, one should develop an ability to listen only to themselves, and not the mass media and their countless ways of spinning reality.  Most of us were born with an inner voice, an instinct for what is right and wrong. Let that dictate your acceptable status for success. Let that control your reaction to world events. After all, our instinct for right and wrong is an inherent sense that was given to most of us at birth.  Perhaps it is only logical to assume that gift is indeed the key to your success.

I submit to you, that today, society's  formula for success, for the common man, is simply a numbersí game. Trying to achieve success today is not unlike playing roulette in Las Vegas; pick a number, and give it a spin. However, I suggest to you that you can spend a lifetime waiting for your number to hit.

I can only imagine what a movie star, a professional athlete, or a popular artist must feel by the overwhelming acceptance by the masses. But, maybe, just maybe, an understanding of oneís self, and then appreciating their own relationship to life, might be just as satisfying. Possibly the time has come that the top of oneís mountain (success if you will) should be just a threshold to real peace of mind, and not a place to look down on your fellow man. Simply put, screw society and their programming through the agenda oriented  media for the definition of success. Define your own meaning of success. Use your common sense and stop listening to spin doctors who are handsomely paid, or so self absorbed they feel they know better than you.

For some, this formula for success might be just achieving tranquility, just being comfortable with your own opinion, and not being intellectually, or emotionally brow beaten by some articulate puppet of a corporate media power.  But, whatever your successful dream might be just don't allow someone else to dictate it to you--just listen to your own instincts.  You'll know when you achieve it..

Finally, regarding the media proclaiming it is the time for a new beginning. I donít think so. Itís the same old way with words as it has been for the past quarter century. I feel it is not unlike a Hollywood script being directed by a blind director, in a visual medium.  A bunch of pseudo crap. Keep the masses confused with sensationalism, have them ignore their God given instincts, and the underlining reality is, you will be kept in dominationóeventually just waiting for the ultimate conclusion: A total corporate world.

Incidentally, political correctness is defined by only a select few.  Now, if someone breaks into your home and kills one of your children, while they are sleeping, do you have the God given right to do something, or does that person have rights that supersede yours?  What does your instinct say?

(c) 2002 by Mopam Publishing

and Morris Heldt


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